10th Class Result 2024 Check Online With Roll Number

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10th Class Result 2024 Check Online With Roll Number- Today 10th class result is a symphony of emotions, resonating across cities and towns, from Lahore to Multan, Gujranwala  to Faisalabad. As the sun rises on this momentous day, it brings with it a surge of excitement and nervous anticipation that can be felt in every household, school, and street corner. Most of the students are confused about the Matric results. The PBC has made the decision to declare the 10th Class Result Punjab Board for the year 2024. Here is complete details are available regarding 10th Class Result Check By Roll Number.

10th Class Result 2024 Check Online With Roll Number

The 10th class examination is a pivotal milestone in the academic journey of students across many countries. Serving as a high school-level examination, it plays a vital role in evaluating students’ knowledge and skills in a wide range of subjects, including math, science, social studies, and languages. The 10th class result holds immense significance, as it not only reflects their academic performance but also determines their eligibility for admission to higher secondary schools or colleges.

یہاں کے نیچے تمام پنجاب بورڈز کا لنک دستیاب ہے آپ اپنے مطلوبہ بورڈ پر کلک کریں اور میٹرک کا نتیجہ دیکھیں۔

Attention For Matric 10th Class Result 2024

Due to the significant volume of traffic, the website of All Punjab BISE Boards often struggles to handle the load efficiently. As the time for result announcements or other important updates approaches, students, parents, and educators from across the province flock to the website in anticipation and eagerness. This surge in traffic overwhelms the servers and resources, causing the website to slow down or even crash.10th-Class-Result-Check-By-Roll-Number

How To Check 10th Class Result By Roll Number 2024 Online?

Checking your 10th class result by roll number online is a straightforward and convenient process. Follow these steps to access your result:

Visit the Official Website

Go to the official website of your respective education board, such as the All Punjab BISE Boards website.

اپنے متعلقہ تعلیمی بورڈ کی آفیشل ویب سائٹ پر جائیں، جیسے کہ آل پنجاب بورڈز کی ویب سائٹ۔

Locate the Result Section

Look for the “Results” or “Examination” section on the website’s homepage. It is usually prominently displayed for easy access.

ویب سائٹ کے ہوم پیج پر “نتائج” یا “امتحان” سیکشن تلاش کریں۔ یہ عام طور پر آسان رسائی کے لیے نمایاں طور پر ظاہر ہوتا ہے۔

Select Examination Type

Choose the examination type as “10th Class” or “Matriculation.”

امتحان کی قسم “دسویں جماعت” یا “میٹرک” کے طور پر منتخب کریں۔

Enter Roll Number

Enter Roll Number: Enter your unique roll number, which you can find on your admit card or examination hall ticket.

اپنا منفرد رول نمبر درج کریں، جو آپ کو اپنے سلپ کارڈ یا امتحانی ہال ٹکٹ پر مل سکتا ہے۔

Submit and Verify

Double-check the roll number for accuracy, then click on the “Submit” or “Check Result” button.

درستگی کے لیے رول نمبر کو دو بار چیک کریں، پھر “جمع کروائیں” یا “نتیجہ چیک کریں” کے بٹن پر کلک کریں۔

View Your Result

Your 10th class result will be displayed on the screen. It will include subject-wise marks, grades, and overall percentage.

آپ کا دسویں جماعت کا نتیجہ اسکرین پر ظاہر ہوگا۔ اس میں مضمون کے لحاظ سے نمبر، درجات اور مجموعی فیصد شامل ہوں گے۔

Print or Save Result Card PDF

If desired, you can print or save a digital copy of your result for future reference.

اگر آپ چاہیں تو، آپ مستقبل کے حوالے کے لیے اپنے نتیجے کی ڈیجیٹل کاپی پرنٹ یا محفوظ کر سکتے ہیں۔

How Can I Check Matric 10th Class Result By SMS

  1. First of All go to Your Mobile Phone SMS App.
  2. Open the Write Massage.
  3. Type Your Registration Slip Number.
  4. And Send it to Required Board SMS Code.
  5. All Punjab Board SMS Code Mention Below here.

Board Name

SMS Code

Lahore Board Matric Result SMS Code 80029
Multan Board 10th Class Result SMS Code 800293
DG Khan Board SSC Part 2 Result SMS Code 800295
Faisalabad Board 10th Class Result SMS Code 800240
Bahawalpur Board 10th Result SMS Code 800298
Sahiwal Board Matric 10th Result SMS Code 800292
Gujranwala Board 10th Class Part 2 Result SMS Code 800299
Rawalpindi Board SSC Part 2 Result SMS Code 800296
Sargodha Board 10th Class Result SMS Code 800290

Matric SSC 10th Class Result 2024

Matric SSC 10th Class Result 2024 Is announced here. We will provide service for 10th Class Students check their Matric SSC part 2 Result Direct link Is here Below. The 10th Class Result 2024 Check Online board wise.

Top Tips You Can Score Best In This Exam Of 10th Class 2024

Positive Thinking
Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health.

Revise a Syllabus

For a successful performance in the exam for 10th grade It is essential to update your syllabus completely. Concentrate on the most important concepts and topics and try as many practice exams and papers as you can.

Time Management

A good time management is essential to a successful performance on any test. Set up a study schedule and set particular time intervals for each topic. Pause for a few minutes between classes to refresh your mind.

Seeking Help for Your 10th Class Exams

If you find yourself facing difficulties with any subject or topic, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Whether it’s your teachers, classmates, or tutors, seek their guidance and support to overcome the challenges you are facing.

Staying Healthy

A healthy diet during Matric 10th Class SSC Part 2 exams gives you the energy you need to study and keep your immune system healthy.

All Punjab Board Matric 10th Class Result Has been declare.

چیک کریں

لاہور بورڈ دسویں کا نتیجہ

چیک کریں

ملتان بورڈ بورڈ دسویں کا نتیجہ

چیک کریں

ڈیرہ غازی خان بورڈ بورڈ دسویں کا نتیجہ

چیک کریں

فیصل آباد بورڈ بورڈ دسویں کا نتیجہ

چیک کریں

بہاولپور بورڈ بورڈ دسویں کا نتیجہ

چیک کریں

گوجرانوالہ بورڈ دسویں کا نتیجہ

چیک کریں

راولپنڈی بورڈ دسویں کا نتیجہ

چیک کریں

سرگودھا بورڈ دسویں کا نتیجہ

چیک کریں

ساہیوال بورڈ بورڈ دسویں کا نتیجہ

FAQs About 10th Class Result By Roll Number 2024:

When Will The 10th Class Result By Roll Number 2024 Be Announced?

All Punjab Board Result of 10th Class 2024 is announced on Monday 31 July 2024.

What Should I Do If There Is An Error In My Matric Result By Roll Number 2024?

If you notice any errors in your result for 10th class with roll number 2024 it is imperative to immediately notify the appropriate board or authority for education and inform them of the error. They will help you through the next steps to fix the mistake.

How Can A 10 Class Student Give Improvement Exam?

In order to improve your performance on the exam for 10th grade It is recommended that you focus on revising the syllabus thoroughly practice with test papers and mock exams and seeking advice from your tutors or teachers as needed, and ensuring your physical and mental health in good shape.

All Punjab Boards Contact Number and Address

Bahawalpur Board

Contact Number (062) 9255080
Address Cheema Town Bahawalpur، Fazal Colony, Bahawalpur, Punjab

D.G.Khan Board

Contact Number 064-2689010
Address Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Dera Ghazi Khan

Faisalabad Board

Contact Number +92 41 251 7705 / 6, +92 41 251 7710 / 1
Address Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Jhang Road, Faisalabad.

Gujranwala Board

Contact Number 055-9200742, 055-9200743, 055-3894604
Address Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Faisal Town, Gujranwala, Punjab

Lahore Board

Contact Number +92 42 99200192-197, +92 42 99200101-102
Address BISE Lahore, 86 Mozang Rd, Block B Jubilee Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Multan Board

Contact Number 061-9210125
Address Near Gol Bagh Park, Gulgasht Colony Bosan Road, Multan, Pakistan, (60750)

Rawalpindi Board

Contact Number 051-5450929
Address Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi, Attock Oil Refinery، Morgah Rd, ARL Colony Rawalpindi, Punjab

Sargodha Board

Contact Number (048) 325 004 142
Address Faisalabad Rd, 49 Tail Defence View Housing Society, Sargodha, Punjab

Sahiwal Board

Contact Number 040-9200516
Address Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Farid Town Road, SAHIWAL

10th Class Result 2024 All Punjab Boards

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