PIFRA Pay Slip Registration By CNIC Month Wise

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M.Pifra.Gov.Pk Salary Slip, or the Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing, has revolutionized the way government employees in Pakistan access their monthly salary slips in December 2024. This online service allows government employees to receive their pay stubs conveniently via email, eliminating the need to visit the accounting office in person. In this article, we will explore how to register for this service and the benefits it offers.

PIFRA Pay Slip Registration By CNIC Month Wise

Traditionally, government employees had to physically visit the accounting office to obtain their monthly pay stubs. This process was not only time-consuming but also inconvenient, especially in emergencies when quick access to pay information was vital. However, with the introduction of PIFRA, the entire process has become remarkably efficient.

PIFRA Registration For Monthly Salary Slip 2024

PIFRA stands for the Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing, and it is a government initiative aimed at facilitating employees’ access to their financial records. The system works under the Financial Accounting and Budgeting System (FABS), which operates under the Controller General of Accounts (CGA). FABS is responsible for the smooth functioning of the SAP-based financial system in the government.

PIFRA Salary Slip Download 2024 Online By CNIC

The history of PIFRA dates back to 1996 when it was introduced at the federal, provincial, and district levels of government. Over the years, it has evolved and expanded to improve financial reporting and auditing. The project has been instrumental in streamlining financial processes and making them more accessible to government employees.

Gmail Account For Pay Slip

To register for PIFRA and start receiving your monthly pay stubs via email, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the PIFRA website.
  • Enter your government code, personnel number, CNIC, date of birth, and mobile number for verification.
  • After verifying your information, register with your Gmail email address.

Www.Pifra.Gov.Pk Pay Slip Registration

Once you have completed the registration process, you will begin receiving your pay stubs in your email inbox. This service offers unparalleled convenience, especially for government employees who no longer need to visit the accounts office for their salary information.

PIFRA Pay Slip Registration Form

For those unfamiliar with the concept, PIFRA provides government employees with monthly salary slips and pension slips through email. The Finance Department of the Government of Pakistan manages this system, ensuring that government employees can access their financial records with ease.

PIFRA Online Salary Pay Slips Registration For Govt Employee/Code

Punjab Code P
Baluchistan Code B
KPK Code N
Federal Code F
Sindh Code S
District Government Punjab Code DGP
Gilgit Baltistan Code GB
Kashmir Council Code K
District Government KPK Code DGN
Kashmir Code K

Allowances & Conveniences Details

Gross Salary payment PIFRA Employee Number
Allowances Salary Statement
Office hour Payment Details Total pay amount and pension payment
Payroll Number pifra.gov.pk payslip


PIFRA Registration Form Online Download PDF




1. PIFRA January Salary Slip Download
2. PIFRA February Salary Slip Download
3. PIFRA March Salary Slip Download
4. PIFRA April Salary Slip Download
5. PIFRA May Salary Slip Download
6. PIFRA June Salary Slip Download
7. PIFRA July Salary Slip Download
8. PIFRA August Salary Slip Download
9. PIFRA September Salary Slip Download
10. PIFRA October Salary Slip Download
11. PIFRA November Salary Slip Download
12. PIFRA December Salary Slip Download




1. Download Slip Click Here
2. Check Status Click Here
3. Web Portal Click Here
4. Email Process Click Here
5. Online Registration Click Here

Pifra Registration for Govt Employee

01. Government
02. Employee’s Personnel No
03. Enter Your CNIC
04. Date of Birth
05. Cell no

 PIFRA Pay Slip

While this service primarily benefits government employees, it also has broader implications. Payroll and salary slips are often required for various purposes, including opening bank accounts.

PIFRA Salary Slip Not Received Yet

Therefore, simplifying the process for government employees indirectly benefits the broader banking and financial sectors.

Online Salary Slip Download

In conclusion, PIFRA has significantly improved the accessibility of financial records for government employees in Pakistan. By registering for this service, they can conveniently receive their monthly pay stubs via email.

Pifra.gov.pk for Salary Registration

The initiative has streamlined financial processes, making them more efficient and accessible. For government employees, PIFRA has eliminated the need for physical visits to the accounts office, allowing them to access their financial information swiftly and conveniently.

Address and Contact Detail

Address: FABS Directorate Second Floor AGPR G-8/4 Islamabad Pakistan
Phone #: 92 51-9107241
Email: fabs@cga.gov.pk
Official Website: www. fabs.gov.pk

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