Telenor Quiz Answers Today 20 Oct 2024 Telenor App Quiz

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Get free MBS daily basis by My Telenor App. If you have installed the My Telenor App on your Android mobile then you can receive daily 50 MBS. In order to obtain Telenor-free MBs, you have to give Telenor quiz answers. Telenor updates questions/quizzes daily basis in My Telenor App. All those people who give the answer to this Telenor quiz get 50 free MBS. The validity of Telenor fee MBs is one day. In that way, you can use the free internet. We are providing a Telenor Quiz answers today 20 October 2024 that has been raised in My Telenor App. Download and install the Telenor App Quiz by the offered link in this post. The provided Quiz answers are one hundred percent accurate. So open your My Telenor App and take a skill test. It is mandatory that your all answers be accurate then you get an advantage. Follow the given answer to solve the Telenor skill test.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 20 October 2024

Telenor has introduced a brand new service. The service is now popular with the public. You can get the internet for free by answering questions on a daily basis. My Telenor app is easy to use and Telenor packages are also available for purchase through this app. This is a fantastic service for customers of Telenor. The app is also popular because the programs it comes with are very simple to install. If you experience problems with the application. You can contact the helpline for Telenor to inquire about the problem and fix the problem. Below are the links to all of the questions. The answer and the question directly by clicking on the hyperlinks below. Our website is updated daily to provide the correct answers to your daily questions.


Today Quiz Answer Telenor

Question Options Answer
Question 1 Apple, Banana, Cake, Muffin Apple
Question 2 Richard, Ray Kroc, Jake, Nick Ray Kroc
Question 3 Ice Cream, Chai, Fudge Sundae, Coffee Fudge Sundae
Question 4 Germany, Chicago, London, Italy Chicago
Question 5 US, UK, France, Australia Australia

Today My Telenor Quiz Answer

Before the taking skill test, you should open our website and not the right answer of the question. You should instantly put/select right option of My Telenor App because it provides a short time to solve the Telenor skill test. Finally, a notification will be showed on My Telenor App dashboard congratulation of 50 free MBs. Now you can use 50 Free MBs in browsing & watching video.

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Today My Telenor Quiz Answer

Usually, My Telenor App asks Pakistan related, geographical, historical, cultural, dashes/foods, personalities, and information technology. Don’t worry we provide My Telenor Quiz answers on time so that users can obtain free MBs internet.

Steps to get free Internet on Telenor SIM.

  1. Open My Telenor App
  2. Click on the “Test your Skills button” on the right side in-application
  3. There you will see 5 inquiries.
  4. You need to respond to those inquiries.
  5. You should respond to those 5 inquiries accurately.
  6. Then you will get 100/50 MBs.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 20 OCT 2024| Telenor App Quiz

Telenor Quiz 20 OCT

How old are the Shah Allah Ditta Cvaes?  2500 Years
Who Built Rohtas Fort? Todarmal
Which of these cities is the oldest?  Multan
Which of these was not a city of Indus Valley Civilization? Dehli
How did is Altit Fort? 1100 Years

Today My Telenor Answer 20 October

If you download the My Telenor application and install the My Telenor app, you will get no cost MB of data from Telenor app as well as Telenor app quiz questions, you can find the link below. It is possible to install it by clicking the link. When you first install the app. You will get 500MB for no cost. With this application, you can join all other Telenor packages that include internet access for free. Alongside an internet plan, there are additional features that you can also share your balance. Telenor customers are extremely pleased with the service.

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