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CMS AIOU Result 2024 online check by name and roll number. Go to CMP Portal AIOU. It is anticipated that the last results from BA/AD as well as BS ODL/BEd would be announced on the 20th of January 2024, based on reports from AIOU. CMS is a large repository of data, making it difficult to cleanse and transfer. Furthermore, details about CMS Portal AIOU Result 2024 By Name check here. This isn’t the last date, but we’re striving to release the results on that same date. Also known as (New). Examine your result using the roll number 2024 ba roll number. CMS Portal AIOU Result 2024 By Roll Number downloads from this page. Aiou.Edu.Pk Login details check online.

AIOU CMS پورٹل میں داخلہ کی تصدیق، کتابیں، سٹیٹس، نتائج، ٹیوٹر لسٹ، رول نمبر سلپ، ورکشاپ کا شیڈول، اسائنمنٹ شیڈول، اسائنمنٹ کی آخری تاریخ، اور دیگر متعلقہ معلومات شامل ہیں۔

Aaghi LMS Portal

LmsPortal Aaghi The 2024 AIOU Student Profile login Provides information about the Study Program. Open Look to the left side of Aaghi LMS. Enter your username and password. Your user name is Enter the Challan Number in the Aaghi LMS Login Password for Portal. CMS Portal AIOU Result 2024 Date is announced in 2024.

aaghi lms portal aiou sign in

Please enter your sign in details to login into the Allama Iqbal Open University LMS Portal. How to Reset User ID from the Aaghi LMS Portal AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal Log in. Log In AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal via login workshop. How to reset password AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal

Aaghi LMS Portal Result

Every student searches for their mark sheets of results online each time the Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU announces the latest result 2024 Matric Results for BA, FA, and Matric for the Fall and Spring semesters. In addition, the grades of the assignments have been added for the end of the semester report. The section below will find top-quality content that will assist you in learning how to find a specific outcome with just a click. The AIOU official website at CMS Portal AIOU Result 2024 BA By Roll Number check online here.


AIOU CMS Portal contains Admission confirmation, books, status Results, Tutor List Roll no slip workshop schedule and Assignment Schedule. It also contains the Assignment deadline and other information. Aiou has launched online classes for various classes. These AIOU Online Workshops will be managed via Aaghi Portal.

CMS AIOU Result 2024

The Asian Institute of Oriental University (AIOU) is the most prestigious institution of education in Asia. The aim of the university was to provide top-quality instruction to students who do not have to visit them physically at their college or high school. In essence, it is Pakistan’s informal university. AIOU’s main campus AIOU is situated in Islamabad which is one of AIOU’s many campuses.

AIOU Enrollment For Continue Students 2024

A range of certificate and diploma programs are offered to baptismal candidates at AIOU’s educational institutions. Many children join AIOU every year to take part in an array of courses and courses. Aiou Aagahi Portal is available on the official website that is operated by the Allama Iqbal Open University. It is available on the official website of Allama Iqbal Open University. Aaghi LMS Portal Username and Password will be delivered to you by SMS.

AIOU Enrollment 2024

In the fall and spring semesters, most classes, as well as classes, will be based on semester tests and exams. At a few levels higher like Ph.D., BSCS, etc. The standard classes are also available. If you’ve got AOU Aaghi LMS Portal Username and Password User Name, you are able to log into the lms portal workshop login in 2024 following the methods mentioned below.

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AIOU Important Updates

Phase II Test Results for Spring 21 The results are expected to be released by mid-January 2024. It is likely to be released during the week following. The original date for the publication of the results has been changed. The date for the BA/AD/B.Ed Phase II Final results are expected to be released when it is possible to do so in early spring 21.

AIOU Enrollment For New Students 2024

It is the HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) issued by the HEC (Higher Education Commission) that recognizes the university of allama Iqbal will be your first move towards earning a bachelor’s degree before passing the HSSC test. In addition to a list of the day, roll, and slips instructors, books, workshops, as well as assignments, including tests 1,2 3and 4. the learning center offers an array of resources, like a document of day, rolls , and slips instructors and workshops, books and assignments, including tests 1, 3, and 4.

How to Check AIOU Result 2024?

  1. Log in/Access the System
  2. Choose on the Academic Records tile to see additional options.
  3. Choose a report type that matches your level of academic study.
  4. Select SSC Result Card for Matriculation (Old)
  5. Select the HSSC Result Card for Intermediate (Old)
  6. The system will display an error in the event that it is determined that the Report Type field is filled incorrectly.
  7. Choose “Submit” from the drop-down menu.

This will generate an electronic copy of the test results that you can view in your internet browser.

Aiou b.ed results spring 2024

The final exams for the AIOU Inter Result 2024 occur there are many who worry regarding him as well as what might be the outcome for his future. The announcement of the results for every month between the months of May and November during those two semesters is commonplace at Allama Iqbal University AIOU ICOM Results 2024. Allama Iqbal Open University FA Results 2024 are accessible for download on this site as soon as the university’s administration gets caught up and distributes these results to media.

AIOU Result by Roll Number 2024

Allama Iqbal Open University BA Results 2024 are eagerly anticipated by students who want to take part in the general bachelor’s program along with computer science or business specializations. In the end, students are prepared for the announcement of the results of their graduation for a variety of programs between the months of January and July, which include general degree science library, business, science as well as bravery Nizami. These AIOU BBA 2024 results will also be released after the announcement is announced.

AIOU Admission Confirmation Status

The Matriculation list from Allama Iqbal Open University 2024 Each smart semester, you can cast your vote in the months of January and July. In order to earn your the Master of Arts degree it is necessary to pass the AIOU 2024 exam papers for the curriculum. It will be accessible via CMS Portal for students. CMS Portal for students. BA, AD, BS BA, AD, BS B.Ed Spring 2024 Phase II results will be announced through CMS on January 10 2024. Starting on December 16, 2024 the test centers that have been approved will conduct Post-Graduate Phase-III tests.


In the course of an academic calendar, each student’s grades are instantly accessible online. Students must appear to take exams two times a year, as part of the system of semesters at the University. In the spring and fall semesters, students are required to take tests in the months of April and October. Professors who are qualified can upload their Mphil Results 2024 for the Allama Islamic University Mphil 2024 to the university’s website at specific dates. When the test session has over, students who wish to study will be notified of their results to them. AIOU Last Date Of Assignment Autumn 2024 check online.

AIOU CMS Portal Login

In the early spring in 2024 Provisory Certificates of Matric completion and FA will be made available through the CMS portal (student login) at 3:00 p.m. Hard copies of Intermediate and Matric results will also be sent out over the coming days. AIOU CMS Result Portal 2024 online check by name and roll number. Visit CMP Portal AIOU.

AIOU Admission Confirmation Status

It is expected that the last results from BA/AD as well as BS ODL/BEd are expected to be published on the 20th of January 2024, based on reports from AIOU. CMS contains a significant amount of data, making it difficult to cleanse and move. It’s not the last date, but we’re trying to release the results on the next day. Also, in the words of (New).

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