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It’s a Www.Fpsc.Gov.Pk Css Syllabus 2024 webpage. Federal Public Service Commission FPSC holds the CSS (Central Superior Service) exam throughout Pakistan. The CSS is a competitive exam that is mandatory to become a CSP officer in Pakistan. Many candidates have a dream to pass the CSS examination and become officers. But CSS is the toughest and also the apex examination regarding joining civil service. Initially, candidates who wish to appear in the CSS examination should select 6 optional subjects. The current post is for CSS syllabus PDF 2024 which is useful to choose the group of optional/elective subjects. Download CSS syllabus PDF 2024 by giving a link that will help to prepare the combination of optional papers. Sixth papers or subjects are compulsory in the CSS examination.

CSS 2024 Exam Date

The new CSS syllabus 2024-25 has been meticulously crafted to encompass the most current developments and emerging trends in the realm of politics, ensuring that candidates are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary political dynamics and theories.

FPSC CSS Syllabus PDF 2024-25 Download

Federal Public Service Commission FPSC has revised the CSS syllabus for the current year. If you want to sit in CSS competitive 2024 then you are on an accurate page. Some candidates are confused to select their optional subjects for the CSS examination. The CSS exam comprises 1200 marks and is divided into optional & compulsory subjects/papers. Here are some papers consisting of 200 marks while some are 100 marks. FPSC has restricted for candidates to select obligatory & optional as per rules and regulations.

Governance And Public Policy CSS Syllabus 2024

The CSS (Central Superior Services) examination is a competitive exam in Pakistan for recruitment to various government posts. The syllabus for the “Governance and Public Policy” subject in CSS may cover the following areas:

1. Introduction to Governance and Public Policy

  • Concepts of governance and public policy
  • Evolution and development of governance
  • The role of public policy in governance

2. Theories of Governance and Public Policy

  • Different theories and models of governance
  • Policy process theories and frameworks

3. Governance in Pakistan

  • Constitutional framework and governance structure
  • Local government systems and decentralization
  • Administrative structure and civil service reforms

4. Policy Analysis and Implementation

  • Policy analysis techniques and tools
  • Policy formulation, adoption, and implementation
  • Challenges in policy implementation

5. Public Policy and Development

  • Policy and development nexus
  • Poverty alleviation, social welfare, and development policies

6.  Good Governance and Accountability

  • Principles of good governance
  • Transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption measures

7. Public Sector Reforms

  • Privatization and deregulation
  • Public-private partnerships
  • E-governance and digital transformation

8. Public Policy in Specific Sectors

  • Education, health, agriculture, energy, environment, etc.
  • Comparative analysis of policies in different sectors

9. Global Governance and International Organizations

  • Role of international organizations in global governance
  • Multilateral agreements and treaties

10. Challenges to Governance and Public Policy

  • Political and economic challenges
  • Social, cultural, and demographic challenges
  • Security and geopolitical challenges

11. Emerging Issues in Governance and Public Policy

  • Technology and its impact on governance
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Urbanization and urban Governance
CSS Compulsory Subjects/Paper  Marks
English Essay 100
English (Precis and Composition) 100
General Science and Ability General Science (MCQS=20 marks, Subjective=40 marks) Ability only subjective = 40 marks 100
Current Affairs 100
Pakistan Affairs 100
Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions 100

CSS Screening Test Syllabus

Federal Public Services Commission FPSC has released CSS Syllabus 2024 for all students interested in taking the exam for competitive candidates of CCS. Central Superior Services CSS is an examination that is competitive. It was taken place by FPSC to hire civil officers on a merit-based basis. You are aware that FPSC is an incredibly well-known federal organization that assists in the selection of city employees on a merit-based basis.

CSS 2024 Syllabus PDF Download
Public Administration CSS Syllabus Download

CSS Optional Papers & Subjects for 2024 Group 1

Subjects Marks
Accountancy & Auditing 200
Economics 200
Computer Science 200
Political Science 200
International Relations 200

CSS Syllabus Books PDF

Students from all over the nation take part in the test every year in order to be considered for higher positions as civil officials. The exam is competitive and comprises elective and compulsory subjects that need to be cleared. In accordance with the revised syllabus and the revised scheme candidates for CSS must attempt an exam of 1200 marks, of which 600 marks are allocated to subjects that are compulsory and 600 marks for elective subjects, which the candidate must choose from seven groups of optional subjects.

Group 2
Physics 200
Chemistry 200
Applied Mathematics 100
Pure Mathematics 100
Statistics 100
Geology 100
Group 3
Business Administration 100
Governance & Public Policies 100
Town Planning & Urban Management 100

English Essay CSS Syllabus 2024

CSS examination is comprised of 1200 marks, where 600 marks will be contingent on compulsory subjects, while the remaining 6100 marks come from a selective portion. It is mandatory to pass each exam regardless of whether it’s from mandatory subjects or optional subjects. Federal Public Service Commission FPSC is a Federal government in Pakistan authority responsible for the hiring of civil servants as well as bureaucrats for the Pakistan Government.

Download Here

Group 4
History of Pakistan & India 100
Islamic History & Culture 100
European History 100
British History 100
History of USA 100

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2024

It was founded in 1926. The headquarters are situated on F-5/1 AGA KHAN ROAD, ISLAMABAD. This is the most convenient location to get the PDF CSS Syllabus 2024 PDF PDF Download Online FPSC to download each elective and compulsory area in Pakistan. FPSC administers exams for CSS-CE for the purpose of hiring candidates for posts of civil servants and bureaucrats. The FPSC was adhering to the regulations of 1981 in this test, however it is now keeping in mind the latest requirements and actions of the nation.

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Group 5
Gender Studies 100
Environmental Sciences 100
Agriculture & Forestry 100
Botany 100
Zoology 100
English Literature 100
Urdu Literature 100

CSS Revised Syllabus 2024

The FPSC has updated its CSS syllabus 2024 which you can download as PDF by clicking on the above link. If you have questions concerning the syllabus, then contact us or stay connected to us. FPSC history began with British Colonial rule which was created under the article 242 however, following the declaration of independence for Pakistan after independence, the FPSC was created to form the constitutional basis of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Group 6
Law 100
Constitutional Law 100
International Law 100
Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100
Mercantile Law 100
Criminology 100
Philosophy 100

CSS Subjects and Exam Rules

Download your CSS syllabus for 2024 on the official website that is run by the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC. You can download the syllabus from the same site. Click here to download the most current and up-to-date CSS Syllabus 2024 download. Before that, the candidate had the option of selecting which subject to choose from a selection from the FPSC CSS syllabus 2024 but now, the syllabus has been divided into groups and the administrator has made it compulsory for applicants to select the subject of each group.

Group 7
Journalism & Mass Communication 100
Psychology 100
Geography 100
Sociology 100
Anthropology 100
Punjabi 100
Sindhi 100
Pashto 100
Balochi 100
Persian 100
Arabic 100

CSS Syllabus All Subject

The CSS examinations in 2024 will start in the month of February in 2024. If you would like to take the exam, this is where you can find the link to apply and find the syllabus for the exam. CSS is among the most difficult tests in Pakistan that a significant number of students take part, but only a small percentage of students successfully pass the test.

FPSC CSS Test Centers

  • Islamabad
  • Gujarat
  • Quetta
  • Gilgit
  • Abbottabad
  • D I Khan
  • Lahore
  • Multan
  • Larkana
  • Gujranwala
  • Rawalpindi
  • Bahawalpur
  • Hyderabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Sukkur
  • Karachi
  • Peshawar
  • Muzaffarabad

FPSC CSS syllabus Download pdf

In this test, there are six subjects that are required to pass in addition to several subjects of interest and you are able to choose depending on your prior education. CSS final paper format is different this year, and I have listed it in the following article in full. Anyone who would like to sit for this exam and is looking to download CSS Exam Syllabus for 2024 PDF FPS Online Download is in the perfect place. Click here for more details about the CSS syllabus covering all subjects in the year 2024.

www.fpsc.gov.pk CSS Syllabus 2024

FPSC is liable to select civil servants through CSS examination. Federal Public Service Commission is a federal agency for recruitment. Each year thousands of numbers candidates appear in the CSS examination. But only the luckiest candidates qualify for central superior service and clear interview. Pakistan civil service is divided into 12 groups. Qualified candidates will be allocated one group of Pakistan civil administration.

CSS Political Science Syllabus

Past papers from the CSS political science course are available for download on this website. For the optional Political Science Past Papers pdf, view and download CSS Past Papers from 2018 to 2024. For further information, look through the Past Papers section. The CSS Exam Political Science Past Papers may be found here. For Pakistani students, past papers for the Federal Public Service Commission Exams in Political Science are accessible here.

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