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E-Transfer Policy 2024 Punjab Login Portal sis.punjab.gov.pk- We are delighted to share with you the news that the E-transfer policies 2022 applicable to Punjab as well as Sindh and KPK were launched along using the E transfers system. If you’re connected to the most revered occupation within Pakistan by the title of ” Teacher”. The Minister of secondary and primary education announced the E-transfer system is expected to be implemented. Therefore, it is expected of teachers to be aware of the rules and regulations that will be implemented in 2021-22 in the Punjab Education Department. The E-transfer system was initially implemented in Punjab and proved to be a huge success.

E-Transfer Policy 2024 Portal

E-Transfer Policy Portal

Recently, the Sindh cabinet has approved the E-transfer system to facilitate the work of teachers in Sindh Province. Three zones were created in Sindh according to the Secretary of Primary and Secondary Education Sindh the Red zone, the Green Zone, and the Yellow zone. Only applicants from the red zone will be moved to the zone of green. In the zone of red, the ratio of teachers is greater than the required ratio of students. There is only one chance for teachers to receive only one E transfer during the course of a year. E transfer will be granted only if there is an open position in the event of a transfer.

E Transfer Policy 2024 KPK

Teachers who want to transfer are now able to apply online via the E-transfer system. Click here to apply. The Punjab government has introduced the E-transfer system in Punjab to simplify the process of transfer and fairness. Transfers will be made solely on merit.

SIS Punjab E Transfer Policy

The teachers in Punjab are required to utilize the School Information System SIS App for self-reporting data in real-time. The app can be easily downloaded onto Android mobiles. In order to utilize this application, the teacher has to be registered with the School Education Department before. This system of electronic transfer allows teachers working far from their homes can apply for the transfer.

E Transfer 2024 Merit List

We would like to welcome you to Punjab Schools Teacher Electronic Transfer System. We informed you that the registration for applications to the 2024 E-Transfer Policy have begun. It is the Punjab government has instituted an E-transfer policy in order to simplify the process of transfer of teachers. This is a comprehensive description of the Punjab Department’s E-transfer process for teachers.

E Transfer Policy 2024 Pdf

This is because the Punjab Schools Ministry has planned to introduce an online system for teacher transfer. This is great news for teachers. The SIS program is utilized by public schools to collect information in real-time. Schools must sign up at the Ministry of Education in their area of responsibility.

E Transfer Policy 2024 Pdf

There are 53,000 school in Punjab, which includes approximately 336,000 female and male instructors. Punjab is the very first state to adopt an E-Transfer Policy. It has also been an enjoyable experience. It was the Punjab Government released the on the teacher’s site to allow them to make it easier to transfer.

E Transfer Policy 2024 Punjab

You can find it here, too. You are only allowed to pick one option when you request an transfer. The government of Sindh and KPK have also adopted electronic transfer rules to make it easier to choose the most suitable transfers. It is reported that the Punjab Schools Ministry has planned to create an online system for teacher transfer.

E Transfer Policy 2024 Sindh

This is great news for teachers. Only students are transferred from the red zone to the green zones. Some teachers in the red zone teach more students than are required. There is just one E-Transfer Policy 2024 chance every year for instructors. Teachers who are interested in moving can apply online through the system for E-transfer.

E-Transfer Application

It is the Punjab Provincial Government has implemented an electronic transfer system in order to improve the process of transfer and make it more convenient for students. The transfer process will be solely based on the marks. Teachers need to first sign up in the schools ministry to use the application.

E-Transfer Application – Sis Punjab – Punjab Government

Teachers working at home could use this technology for electronic transmission to deliver their material. Teachers who would like to apply for E-transfer can apply now through downloading the SIS application and filling out on-line application. Sindh’s Cabinet has passed the policy of E-transfer 2024 for teachers.

E-Transfer List of Teachers Applied for other School

Sindh has created three regions, as per Sindh’s minister of Primary and Secondary Education. Students are only moved from the red zones to green zones. Also, there is only one opportunity per year for teachers. Punjab Schools’ Ministry of Education is planning to create an online system to facilitate transfer of teachers. This is a great news for teachers.

E-Transfer Policy 2024 Application Form Download

Schools are required to sign up at the Ministry of Education in their local jurisdiction. It is the Punjab Government published the E-transfer Policy 2024 on its website for teachers to ease transfers. You can find it here too. You are only able to select one aspect when requesting the transfer. Governments of Sindh and KPK have also stated that the best transfer options will be picked.

E-Transfer Policy 2024 Punjab Login

As we begin accepting Transfer Applications We are pleased to inform our readers that it is now the E-Transfer Policy 2024 has been put in place. As we begin accepting Transfer Applications We are happy to announce we have introduced it is now the E-Transfer Policy 2024 has been implemented. Under the guidance of the School Education Minister Murad Raas The Punjab government has adopted an e-transfer rule that allows teachers to ensure that transfers and postings are fair that is merit-based, transparent, and fair.

SIS Punjab e transfer 2024 watchlist

For the full policies of the Department for School Education in Punjab’s E-Transfer System for Teachers, visit here. Teachers will be pleased to know they are part of they can now use the Punjab School Education Department has accepted the idea of implementing an online system for teacher transfers in public schools. Schools in the public sector within Punjab, Pakistan, utilise the School Information System (SIS) Application to submit data in real-time.

SIS Punjab Govt PK User Login

Schools must register through the School Education Department in order to use this Android application. Female teachers will receive immediate relief from the new e-transfer policy, as stated by Murad Raas. Female and male teachers from all classes who wish to transfer should use the online portal for the e-Transfer Policy 2024 to apply for their positions.

SIS Punjab Govt PK User Login

Get this E-Transfer Policy 2024 Application Form by clicking the link below. The vacant positions have been made public on the official website: sis.punjab.gov.pk . You can check the vacant positions of all districts and caders by clicking on the link. Be aware that, under the new policy of e-transfer instructors will only be transferred by merit, and in a transparent and transparent manner.

SIS Status Check Online

In 53,000 primary secondary, middle, and higher secondary schools, nearly 336,000 instructors, male and female, are employed. If you have questions regarding the SIS or E-Transfer System, the transfer method and using the sis Punjab hotline number, the school’s name and the EMIS code, the posting DOB, the post details of the teacher or the school’s details Please leave a comment.

Wedlock transfer Policy Punjab 2024

Teachers can request transfer in three steps by using an application called the School Information System (SIS) Application. Download and install the application and sign into the app. Check your details. preferences Fill in the form and then submit it. Contact us if you have any queries regarding your password/login (042-111-11-2020).

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E-Transfer Policy 2024 Application Form


01. E-Transfer Summary Click Here
02. E-Transfer Individual Applications Click Here
03. E-Transfer Mutual Applications Click Here
04. E-Transfer History Click Here

Teacher Transfer Policy 2024

Teachers who wish applying to apply for E Transfer can now apply online. You can download the SIS app on Android and follow these steps.

  • Go to the SIS App and login
  • Verify your data
  • Choose your preferred
  • Submit your application

To facilitate transfer for the purpose of transfer, the Punjab Govt has announced E Transfer policy 2024 on the portal for teachers. You can also check it here. You can select one option when applying for a transfer. The scope for E-transfer is expanded. Sindh and KPK government have also announced E-transfer policies that will allow transfers based on merit.

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