Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Last Date To Apply @HEC

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The Ehsaas Scholarship Program for the 2024 academic year has successfully concluded, with the application deadline set for FEB 31, 2024. This initiative, driven by the Pakistani government, represents a substantial commitment to enhancing access to higher education, particularly for students hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Last Date To Apply @HEC

Over 200,000 students, facing financial constraints, were eligible to apply for these scholarships. The program offered comprehensive support, covering a wide array of educational expenses, encompassing tuition fees. Furthermore, it included a monthly stipend of 4,000 rupees, designed to facilitate and empower students in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Organization  HEC Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships Phase-ll
University  Universities of Pakistan
Department  Multiple (All)
Course Level  Undergraduate degrees
Award  Fully Funded Scholarships
Access Mode  Online
Number of Awards  50000
Nationality  Pakistani Students
Application Deadline  30 October 2024

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship

Ehsaas Student Scholarships are now available for Pakistani undergraduate pupils enrolled in the upcoming academic year 2024. The deadline to submit an application for the Ehsaas Scholarship year 2024 is January 20, 2024.

Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Online Apply

The strategic extension of the application deadline to December 31, 2024, was a deliberate measure aimed at ensuring that a maximum number of eligible students could avail themselves of this need-based scholarship program. This extension aptly recognized the pivotal role of financial aid in enabling students to pursue higher education, underscoring its value and relevance.

Ehsaas Scholarship Eligibility Criteria 2024

پبلک سیکٹر یونیورسٹیوں میں انڈرگریجویٹ پروگراموں میں زیر تعلیم کم آمدنی والے خاندانوں کے تمام طلباء درخواست دینے کے اہل ہیں۔ انتخاب ضرورت اور میرٹ کی بنیاد پر ہوگا، یعنی طالب علم کے CGPA اور خاندانی آمدنی (45000 روپے تک) کی بنیاد پر۔


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Ehsas Criteria For Eligibility To Receive A Scholarship

Ehsas college scholarship can be offered only available to those who fulfill the requirements for the scholarship. The applicants must fulfill the requirements of Ehsas undergraduate scholarship, which is as follows.

  • Students who are deserving of being in public universities.
  • Family income should not be more than 45000 PKR
  • Students in the public sector can are admitted on a merit-based basis.
  • Self-finance/self-finance-based students are not eligible for Ehsas’s undergraduate scholarship
  • The scholarships that are already granted or that are available to students from private and public sources is also not accessible.
  • Self-financing, distance learning, and those enrolled in the night shifts are not eligible for the Ehsas Undergraduate Scholarship
  • The final date for Ehsas Undergraduate Scholarship batch III was December 30, 2024. after which time applications will be not accepted.
  • Only applications made online to this Ehsas undergrad scholarship will be considered up to the deadline dates.

Requird Dacuments

  • Student CNIC / B-Form Copy; Student Card Copy; Father, Mother, or Guardian
  • a copy of each parent’s or guardian’s income documentation (paystub or income certificate).
  • Utility Bill Copies for the Past Six Months
  • Electricity
  • Gas Water Telephone
  • a copy of the rental agreement for the rented home
  • Copy of the applicant’s and their siblings’ most recent fee receipts, if applicable
  • A copy of the medical bills or other related documents (if any)
  • Size of a passport Image of the Applicant

How To Apply For Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships 2024

The program was allocated a substantial budget of 6.53 billion rupees, underscoring the government’s unwavering dedication to investing in the education of the nation’s youth. This endeavor is rooted in the belief that every student, irrespective of their financial circumstances, deserves an equal opportunity to access and pursue higher education.

Ehsaas Scholarship Online Registration 2024 Last Date

Over the span of four years, the program aimed to award between 100,000 and 200,000 scholarships, profoundly impacting the lives of countless students. By focusing on need-based scholarships and the comprehensive coverage of educational expenses, it underscored the government’s resolute commitment to supporting students throughout their academic journey.

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