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ISSB is the short form of the Inter-Service Selection Board. ISSB is mandatory to become an officer in Pakistan Army. Candidates who pass the commission test pass they have to qualify for ISSB. The current post is specified for ISSB interview questions and answers 2024. Many candidates apply and pass the initial test. For final recruitment, they have to pass the ISSB test. All qualified candidates must note the given ISSB interview questions and answers 2024 . Numerous ISSB preparation academies exist in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta cities. Inter Service Selection Board test determines the success of a candidate. If you have passed the written test then should be ready to appear in the ISSB test.

Pak Army ISSB Questions and Answers

For the sake of ISSB preparation, we have provided here Pak army ISSB questions and answers in Pdf format. After the initial test qualified candidates have passed the ISSB test. ISSB is quite simple interviewers ask questions about the psychological, mathematical, Islamic, sex, introduction, personal life, social affairs, and so on. Interviewers stress judging the psychological ability of candidates. So you need to fully prepare for all kinds of questions.

ISSB Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

Pakistan Army is the number one army in the world. It recruits candidates on pure merit after the ISSB interview. You should be ready to give answer any kind of question such as social life, sex, and personal life. That’s why you have a grip on general knowledge and academic relevant fields. You can purchase ISSB preparation books from the market of multiple publishers such as Dogar, HSM, Caravan, and Ilmi.

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ISSB Personal Life Question

  • Where do your parents live?
  • What is the date of birth of your parents?
  • How did your parents meet each other?
  • What is your father and mother’s occupation?
  • Tell me about your family members?
  • What are your father’s income sources and total income?
  • What is your forefather’s occupation?

Academic Career Questions in ISSB Interview

  • What are your favorite subjects and why do you like them?
  • Why do you prefer some specific subjects?
  • What are your obtained marks in matriculation?
  • Tell your intermediate marks?
  • Where you have completed your matriculation & intermediate?

Mathematical Questions in ISSB Interview:

There are a lot of mind-boggling concerns about mathematical formulas for weight Space, Time, and speed.

For instance: Which one of the following numbers is not equal in 34(58+9)?

  • 34 x 67
  • 58(34+9)
  • 34 x 58 + 34 x 9
  • 1,972 + 306
  • (9 + 58) 34

Physics Questions in ISSB Interview:

The questions for the subject will be take from the syllabus which is the textbook they’ve studied in 9th 10th, 11th and 12th Classes. This is why if you’ve got an understanding of all of the Law in the Physics book and you are able to easily finish the section. The questions typically being asked in this section pertain to topics like the Newton 1st Law, Newton 2nd Law, Newton 3rd Law as well as Boyle’s Law, Charles Law, Resonance and many other topics in the books.

Social Life Questions in ISSB Interview:

The questions that are asked during this portion of the Interview focus on your social life which means the way you live your life in the outside world, when you’re not at your home.

The type of questions asked in that category are similar to

  • Why you are able to create an account with Facebook
  • Who is your favorite friend? Why?
  • The number of friends you have
  • A great habit to have of a particular person on your friend list
  • Do you know how many women friends are on Facebook profile or on any other social media?

Pakistan Studies Questions in ISSb Interview:

In the ISSB Test an interviewing officer is very concerned regarding how well you are aware of Pakistan and the issues it faces. The majority of ISSB Officers are concerned about what would we suggest to someone who does not have a basic knowledge of his country. The majority of the questions in this section in ISSB Interview Questions and Answers concern the Pakistan border, and this might include Pakistan Afghanistan Border length, Pak China Border length, Pak India Border length so be sure to know the Pakistan Borderline information prior to when you visit the ISSB Test Centers in Pakistan.

Religious Questions in ISSB Interview:

Religion-related Questions during the Interview should be similar to

  • What is the main difference between Nabwi and Hijri?
  • What is the number of Ayaats found in the Quran
  • Total Numbers of Surah in the Quran
  • Kalab-ul-Quran is a surat that’s known.
  • In which Hijri Ghazwa-eBadr was the main fighters

Sex-Related Questions in ISSB Interview:

Candidates, if you’re going to an ISSB Test Interview session then prepare yourself for answering questions regarding sexual relations as an interviewer asks questions that put tension on the candidates. What number of girlfriends or boyfriends do have? Do you have a night out with your partner or girlfriend Do you offer my girlfriend a date for one night, etc.

Abbreviations in ISSB Interview:

Abbreviations are also a possibility to be requested from applicants to know the abbreviation for ISSB, CSS, SIM, WIFI, MPEG, IP, DOS, GSM, PSO, etc.

Pak Armed Forces Questions in ISSB Interview:

If you have a aspirations to join the troops from Pakistan then you must be aware of the army since officers are the ones who ask questions. The questions asked in this section of the interview are similar to

  • When was captain Muhammad Sarwar award by the Nishan-e-Haider of Pakistan
  • Who is the commander of the army’s general staff?
  • Army captains equal the naval officer rank in Pakistan
  • Who is the Chief Commanding officer of the Pakistan Air Force? Pakistan Air Force
  • Who is the commander of the Pakistan Navy? Pakistan Navy
  • What role will the Pak Armed Forces in Indo Pak Wars Yet?

ISSB Interview Complete Questions And Answers 2024 PDF

Pakistan located in shouth Asia. In Pakistan unemployment is big issue now a days. In Pakistan there are many test conducted for jobs. But ISSB Inter Service Selection Board is a competitive test for job. Each  year a large number of candidates appear in the ISSB Test to join the Armed Forces of Pakistan so to clear this this they searched for the helping material from the internet and other sources so that is why here in this page we have conducted ISSB Interview Questions And Answers 2024 for all those who wish to become an officer in the Armed forces of Pakistan.

ISSB Answers 2024 PDF

There are many ISSB Test Preparation Centers in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad which offered different practical classes to the students to remove all kind of hesitation from their personalities. In this page we provide general information of ISSB could be taken from any person who have appear in the test before you but that is not enough as this is strategy of some candidates they find candidates who have appear in the ISSB test but not able to clear if they are not able to clear than how could they teach you the right path. Instead of running behind these candidates you could go for the ISSB Test Preparation Book as these are available in Market and wrote by expert persons.

ISSB Interview Questions 2024 PDF

Every year the selection Criteria of ISSB test is changed so what you need to focus in stay up to dated with the latest news. For more updates stay touch with this page. ISSb Interview is simply a test like other test but the difference is that in that test the interviewer just judge the personality trait on the candidates. In that test questions are asked to you about your personal life, Your surroundings, General Knowledge Questions, Mathematical Formulas hence the ISSB Interview session is divided into different categories and each category with the brief details is discussed here on this page.

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