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Looking for the NWGH Test Result 2024 but don’t know the process of getting Online Patient Reporting? Then don’t worry! Here you can check the NWGH Test Result 2024 and the procedure for getting an Online Patient Report. Don’t waste further time in searches because you’ve landed the right website to get NWGH Test Result 2024. Northwest General & Hospital Research Center discovered a new way of checking the NWGH Patient Information. To understand this technique and desire to get Advantage from it then read this article carefully! In short, NWGH has announced the results of patient information and lab reports. Let’s get started!

NWGH Test Result 2024 Check Online

Vacant Positions Result Details: Northwest General & Hospital Research Center NWGH is situated in Peshawar KPK, Pakistan. NWSH was needed to fulfill some vacant positions and they issued an advertisement through the newspaper. From throughout Pakistan, many candidates attempted NWGH Test Result 2024. Thereby, they were still waiting for the NWGH Test Result 2024. We inform them that the wait time is over now; they can check their result via name or CNIC. Northwest General & Hospital Research Center NWGH has announced results for the following vacant posts Ambulance Driver, Trainee Cath Lab Technician, and Trainee ECG Technician. Want to come up with further details about NWGH Test Result 2024 then read given below article!

NWGH Online Test Result 2024 Online Verification

Northwest General & Hospital Research Center NWGH is offering various online services i.e. Online Patient Information Services, Lab Test result, Booking No, etc. Here I’ve shared details about NWGH Online Test Result 2024 and Online Verification. Once you have booked an appointment then you receive an invoice number. With this Invoice number, you can check the complete information about the patient. In addition, The NWGH Helpline is available to help the Patient. So in case of any questions, you can get details from NWGH Helpline.

Lab Results Online Test Report NWGH

Northwest General & Hospital Research Center NWGH is one of the most rushes Hospitals which is working in KPK. It says that on the daily basis more than 1K outpatients come to the hospital for Lab Test Report i.e. Urine Protein, A.P.T.T, A.S.O, A/G Ratio, etc. For the Patient’s convenience, NWGH is providing Online Patient Reporting. In order to get benefit from this offer you’ve to need the following things;

  • Invoice Number
  • Access Code

How to check NWGH Test Result 2024

If you are going to get complete information on NWGH Test Result 2024 then visit the (http://public.nwgh.pk/Forms/InvestigatonOnline.aspx) and enter foresaid details. Once you enter the above-mentioned things you’ll access the patient’s name, Passport, NIC, Consultant, Invoice No, and Booking Date.

Check Online

Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre Test Result 2024

There are over 1000 outpatients in the Northwest General Hospital & Research Center every day. specialization services like The Linear Accelerator in Nuclear Medicine and the POA Bone Bank in Orthopedics as well as for instance, the Neonatal Transport Service in Paediatrics and a special COVID-19 Ward aren’t readily accessible in other regions of the world.

North West Lab Results

The facility has been accepted by the Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons for both House-Jobs as well as Post-Graduate training. Northwest General Hospital Northwest General Hospital aims to be a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa industry leader that attracts international talent as well as customers. The residents in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan rely on Northwest General Hospital for world-class medical services.

NWGH Lab Tests Names

24 hr Urine Creatinine Hams Test
24 hr. Urine Calcium HAM’s Test
24 hr. Urine Phosphorus HAV IgM(s)
24 hr. Urine Protein Hb Electrophoresis
A/G Ratio HBcIgM
Absolute Values Hbe Ag
AFB Sputum HBs Ag
AFB Stain HCV Anti Body
Alber Staining for K.L.B HDL
Albumin Hemoglobin
Alkaline Phosphatase Herpes
Alpha Fetoprotein High Vaginal Swab (HVS)  for C/S
ALT (SGPT) HIV Antibodies
Ammonia (NH3) hsCRP
Amylase I.C.T DENGUE
Anti DS DNA I.C.T H.Pylori
Anti Hbe I.C.T Malaria
Anti HBs I.C.T Tuberculosis
Anti Nuclear Factor Infectious Mononucleosis
Anti Tissue Transglutaminase IgA Iron
Anti Tissue Transglutaminase IgG L.E cells
Anti-CCP L.E Factor
Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) Lactic Acid
Arterial Blood Gases LD Bodies
Arterial Blood Gases/Urea/Sugar/Lactic Acid LDH
B12 Lead Level
Bence Jones Protein Lipid Profile
BHCG Liver Function Test
Bilirubin Direct Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
Bilirubin Indirect Magnesium
Bilirubin Total Malarial Parasite
Biopsy Small Modified GTT
Bleeding Time Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Detection Via GeneXpert
Blood for C/S Nasal Swab for MRSA screening
Blood Group & Rh Factor Osmotic Fragility
Blood Screening Outside Unstained FNA Slides/FNA material (NWGH)
Bone for C/S Parathyroid hormone (PTH)
Bone Marrow & Trephine Biopsy PCV.
Bone Marrow AFB Peripheral Smear
Bone Marrow Asp Phenobarbitone
Bone Marrow C/S Phenytoin
Breast T. Markers Phosphorus
Bronchial Wash for AFB Platelet Count
Bronchial Wash for C/S Potassium
Brucella Pregnancy Test
CA 125 Pregnancy Test in Hight Dil
CA 15-3 (84991) Procalcitonin (PCT)
Calcium Progesterone
Carbamazepine Prolactin
Cardiac Enzymes Prost. Acid Phosphatase
Catheter tip For C/S Protein Electrophoresis
CEA Prothrombin Time
Chem 12 PSA
Chem 20 Pus For C/S
Chem 6 RBC Morphology
Chem 7 Renal Profile
Chloride Reticulocyte Count
Cholesterol Review of Blocks & Slides
CKMB Review of bone marrow / trephine (slides/block)
Clostridium difficile (toxigenic) detection via GeneXpert (skm) Rh – Antibodies
Clostridium difficile Stool Screening Rh Genotype
CMV IgG Rh Phenotype
CMV IgM Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor
Coagulation Factor IX Rota Virus Test
Coagulation Factor VIII Rubella IgG
Coagulation Factor X Rubella IgM
Coagulation Profile SAAG
Cold Agglutination Test SARS-CoV-2 Antigen
Complete Blood Count Serum Analysis
Coomb’s Test Direct Serum for C/S
Coomb’s Test Indirect Serum Transferrin
Correction Studies Sickling of Erythrocyte
Cortisol Sodium
Cortisol (24 hour urine) Sodium Fractional Excretion
COVID Anti Body IgG Splenic Aspirate
COVID Anti Body IgM IgG Sputum for C/S
COVID-19 Stool for C/S
COVID-19 (HS) Stool for Occult Blood
CPK Stool Reducing Substances
Creatinine Synovial Fluid
Creatinine Clearance T3
Cross Match Tacrolimus
CRP Testosterone
CSF for C/S Throat Swab for C/S
CSF RE Thrombin Time
Cyclosporin Level Thyroglobulin, Tumor marker
Cytogenetics interpretation Thyroid Function Test
Cytology (any Fluid) Thyroid Uptake
Diff Aggultination Titre TIBC
Diff: Leucocyte Count Tissue for C/S
Digoxin Tissue Plasminogen Activator (Without kit)
Ear Swab for C/S Torch Screeing
Electrolytes Total Acid Phosphatase
ENA Profile Total Leucocyte Count
Environmental Swab for C/S- NWGH Total Protien
Environmental Swab for C/S- OutSide Sample Total RBC Count
ER Receptors Toxo IgG
ER/PR Receptors Toxo IgM
Estradiole Trephine
Executive Chem Profile Triglyceride
Eye Swab for C/S Troponin I
Faeces Examination TSH
Ferritin T-SPOT TB Test
Fetal Fibronectin TYPHIDOT
Fine Needle Aspirat Uretheral Smear
Fluid for C/S Urethral Swab for C/S
Fluid LDH Uric Acid
Fluid R/E (Ascitic Fluid) Uric Acid (Urine)
Fluid RE (Pericardial) Urinary Albumin/Creatinine Ratio
Fluid RE (Pleural) Urine Creatinene (Spot)
Fluid RE (Synovial) Urine Electrolytes
Foetal Hb (HBF) Urine Examination
Folate Urine for AFB
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Urine for Biles
Free T4 Urine for C/S
Fungal culture Urine for Hb
Fungal Examination Urine Micro Albumin
G.6.P.D Estimation Urine Protein/Creatinine Ratio
Gamma G.T Urine Protien (Spot)
Gestational GTT Urine Reducing Substance
Globulins V.D.R.L
Glucose Valporic Acid
Glucose Tolerance Test Vancomycin
Gram Staining Venesection
Growth Hormone Vit-D Level
H.pylori SA WIDAL Test
Haemoparasite Wound Swab for C/S

www.public.nwgh.pk Test Result 2024

Offering high-quality healthcare is the heart of our business’s mission. Technology and compassion are a part of healthcare. These things are taken care of to ensure that the best healthcare is given to patients. If you encounter any problems, you can contact the NWGH Helpline given below. Note that the All Results of patients are directly posted into the patient’s records.

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