PMA Long Course Online Registration 2024 Date

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Join the Pak Army through a PMA long course of 150 online. PMA Long Course is an ongoing course, that is offered by Pakistan Army. The last course was 149. The next course is the 151 course of the long course. PMA L/C is announced twice a year. The April course is referred to as an even course and the course in November is known for being an unusual course. For a chance to enrol in the PMA Long Course, one must be able to demonstrate minimum inter/DEA/O levels.

PMA Long Course 150 Registration Date

The anticipated date to start the PMA Long Course 150 will be April 1st 2024. The online registration process will begin on April 1st 2024 and will continue until April 30, 2024. To apply online, visit the official site of Join Pakistan Army. In order to submit your application in person in order to apply for PMA lengthy course go to the closest AS&RC (Army Selection and Centre for Recruitment). Pakistan Army website takes 72 hours to determine the test date, so do not worry.

PMA Long Course Online Registration 2024

Pakistan Military Academy PMA Long Course Online registration process has been started on the official website of the Pak army ( Go to the official site, read the instructions carefully, and fill in all requirements. Also, you can apply online through this page. The eligibility criteria for PMA long course is, that candidates, must have the minimum qualification intermediate, age 17-23 years. Candidates can apply by going army centre also.

PMA Long Course Online Registration

If you want to register yourself in the Pak army easily then the online method will be better. The candidate can apply in any of the PMA long courses 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147 if he is eligible on the required criteria.

PMA Long Course 2024 Registration

The Pakistan Army is the land service branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces. It was founded on 14 August 1947. Its roots meet with the British army in the subcontinent. After the resulting in the parliamentary act that established the independence of Pakistan from the United Kingdom on 14 August 1947. In 2020, according to the survey of The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the Pakistan Army has approximately 560,000 active-duty personnel.

Pak Army  PMA Long Course Eligibility Criteria

Course Training Age Nationality Physical Criteria
PMA Long Course 17-22 Years (With 03 Months of Relaxation). Height 5.4″ (162.5 cm).

Weight = As per body mass.

PMA Long Course 17-23 Years. Height 5.4″ (162.5 cm).

Weight = As per body mass.

PMA Long Course 17-24 Years. Height 5.4″ (162.5 cm).

Weight = As per body mass.

PMA Long Course 17-25 Years. Height 5.4″ (162.5 cm).

Weight = As per body mass.

They are supported by the Army Reserve and National Guard, effectively making it the 6th largest army in the world in terms of manpower. The citizens of Pakistan can enlist for voluntary military service upon reaching 16 years of age, but cannot be deployed for combat until age 18 in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan.

Join Pak Army PMA Long Course 150 Online Registration

If you’re interested in joining Pak Army and want to contribute to their country’s integrity, are encouraged to Join Pak Army 150 PMA Long Course. The applicants must be citizens of Pakistan and holders of the domicile of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. At the time of final selection, applicants who are dual nationals will be required to give up nationalities other than Pakistani.

PMA Long Course 150 Registration Date 2024 to Apply

The opportunity to join the Pakistan Army as an officer is a dream for every patriotic person to serve their country. Pakistan Army is recognized as one of the best-armed forces across the globe. This article will provide you with specifics on how you can apply online and join the Pakistan Army Through PMA Long Course 150 in 2024 and become an officer who is commissioned.

Selection Process of PMA Long Course

Pakistan Army Officers are selected through a tough and successful process to make sure that the top officers are selected to become members of the world’s most well-known army. Pakistan Army PMA has once again made an announcement with regards to their admissions to the category of PMA the 146-long course! The department has announced complete details about the admission of candidates and applicants will be informed of all information about the program on our website.

How do you get selected for PMA?

Don’t forget to take advantage of your opportunity to join the Pak Army PMA Long Course 150 and give back to your country with a sense of patriotism. Being a part of the Pakistan Army and being a member of it, is the dream of every single person, regardless of whether either a woman or a man. Pakistan Army offers multiple vacancies throughout the year to applicants.

When PMA Long course 150 will start?

Pakistan Army PMA Long Course creates the foundation of candidates since it is made up of the freshest and most appropriate candidates of the entire Pakistan Army men. The Pakistan Army is giving the opportunity to students at the bachelor and intermediate levels who are eligible to apply for an application for the PMA Long Course.

PMA Long Course 150 eligibility criteria

The online application procedure to join the Pak Army 150 PMA Long Course will start between 11 April and 15 May 2024. The enrollment for these long courses is announced and scheduled through the Pakistan Military Academy which would provide every kind of Pakistan Army facilities. After the two-year period, the candidates will be able to obtain their Army Commission through 146 PMA long courses.

PMA Physical Test Criteria & Passing Marks

For more details on how to join the Pak Army 150, PMA Long Course review the complete guidelines below and apply for the course. It is possible to complete the online registration for PMA 150 PMA 150 course on the official website of You can register yourself simply by adhering to the PMA instructions which are available on the Pakistan Army Website.

Age Criteria for PMA Long Course

It states that the ” last date of the PMA registration is May 2024″ which was announced by the PMA official and interested applicants may apply up to the last date, which occurs in May 2024. After that date, no applications will be considered by the administration. The complete information about Pak Army PMA Long Course 150 Physical Standards, Qualifications, Age, In-Eligibility Criteria and registration and the Preliminary Selection Process Additional Selection Procedure, Documents required for Army Recruitment and Selection Centres and Training is provided by Studies Pakistan.

How do I apply for PMA 2024?

Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs) will complete all the required forms (Physical Test & Interview Marks) within the module. Candidates who are nominated for the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISB) will be handled by the Personnel Administration Directorate through merit. Medical examinations for Inter-Services Selection Board (ISB) selected candidates will take place in close Combined Military Hospitals (CMH).

PMA Long Course Online Registration 2024 Process

Final selections will be conducted at General Headquarters in light of the candidate’s performance. Online Registration or registration on AS &RC. If you’re looking to find PMA long Course 150 Date for Online Registration, here is the place to locate it. The process for determining the candidates be recruited for the army has begun and that’s why on this page we give you all the information needed in order that if considering joining the Pak Army then you do not need to confront any hurdles concerning the Rules and Regulations.

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Eligibility Criteria to Join Pak Army

This is the most exciting chance to change your life, and allow you to realize each and every dream goal and vision come true in your life that is beneficial to Humans beings to become members of this Pakistan army.

PMA Long Course 150 Online Registration 2024

For the information of those individuals who are entrusted to join the Army, they are able to apply for the position because PMA Course 150 is long. Course 150 online registration Dates are available. Online registration is expected to begin immediately.

Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB)

There are still a few days remaining. For registration online it is possible to visit and submit your application. The entire eligibility Criteria as well as dates and selection methods are listed in the following paragraph which encourages you to join this army. Pak Army so that is the reason why you don’t need to look elsewhere. Just take a look at this page until the end of this webpage. To register online, click here. The first test of the PMA long course. Written/intelligence test.

Join PMA Long Course 150 Result

Initial Medical Exam. Physical Test to be used for PMA The Long Course. Initial Interview with AS & RC. ISSB Filling out forms and Submission in AS &RC. The duration of training for the PMA Long Course is two years at the Pakistan Military Academy. The two years are divided into six months. PMA longer course students learn BMAS (Bachelor of Military Science and Art) during their time of training. Following their training, cadets receive an officer rank, which is the second lieutenant.

Join Pak Army Online Registration 2024 provide all information about Pak army jobs advertisement, registration schedule, PMA long and short course schedule, written test schedule, written test result, merit list, final selected candidates list. So, keep visiting this page regularly. 2024 Online Registration

Dear applicants, if you have a problem registering in Pak Army as an officer. Contact us through the comments box below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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