Police Verification Form 2024 Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochsistan

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Citizens can get the certificate by visiting nearby PKM. Required Documents: Original CNIC or B-form and photocopy; Affidavit. Processing Fee: Rs. 150. Visit Police Khidmat Markaz located at Sector F-6/1, H-11 Police Lines or any nearest Police Station to get Police Verification Form 2024. Police clearance documents certifying that the person has never been involved in any criminal activities and their criminal record is neat & clean and never involved in criminal activities during in specific period.

Police Verification Form PDF Pakistan

Write a simple application on a blank page for a police clearance certificate. Submit the application along with CNIC, passport copy & 2 pictures to the SP office to get his signature on the application then take that application form to the local police station where you belong. Submit the file with all requisite details to the local Police Station. The case will refer to the respective officer for inquiry after verification his report back on the application forward to the station in charge at the end of your clearance will be written by SHO. If there is nothing adverse against the applicant a printed Police Clearance form will be issued to the applicant after obtaining his/her thumb impression and picture. Finally, you can take it from the DPO office within 7 working days.

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Step-Wise Procedure

Visit Police Khidmat Markaz located at Sector F-6/1, H-11 Police Lines or any nearest Police Station.

Police Character Certificate Punjab

Police Character Certificate is required for travelling abroad, jobs in different organizations abroad, immigration etc. Previously, getting a character certificate was a complex and time-taking process not just for citizens but for the police too. PKM has simplified and made it time-efficient.

Required Documents:

  1. Original CNIC or B-form and photocopy
  2. Original and copy of Passport
  3. Affidavit
  4. Authority Letter (If the applicant is in abroad). Authority letter with the stamp of the relevant Embassy will be accepted, or it should be attested by two respectable persons who are known to the applicant. An Affidavit from the person who has been given authority by Applicant. The duration of applicant’s stay should also be mentioned in an Affidavit. Passport last Exit page Photocopy. Applicant Photograph.
  5. Authority letter Sample.

5.If applicant is out of the country, the form can be submitted by any blood relative (brother, father, mother, sister etc.) with the authority letter of the applicant.

Turn Around Time:

3 working days after the application date

Collect Character Certificate after 72 hours.

Police Verification Form In Urdu Pdf

Islamabad Capital Territory Police came into existence on 1st January 1981 through a Presidential Order No. 17 & 18, 1980. ICT Police aims to fulfill need of separate Police organization for the federal capital Islamabad in order to ensure rule of law, protect life and property, and limit civil disorder. Objective of ICT Police organization is preservation of peace and public safety through implementation of local state, Federal laws and by providing support/assistance during emergency or crisis situations.

Police Verification form Punjab Sindh

The system of policing in Mughal India was organized on the basis of land tenure. Zamindars were responsible for apprehending disturbers of the public peace and performing other policing duties. At the level of the village, these functions were performed by the village headmen. In large towns, administration of the police was entrusted to functionaries called kotwals who discharged the combined duties of law enforcement, municipal administration and revenue collection.

Police verification form KPK

Patrol officers in form of village watchmen or patels in villages and peons, horse patrolmen and such other like men in the towns were present. Violent organized crime was usually dealt with by the military. The modern police structure took its birth in early 19th century and since that time the work is expanding and becoming complex and demanding.

Police Verification form online Balochistan

A professionally designed policing structure is a basic necessity of the modern day society where police is supposed to be the prime law enforcing agency to maintain law and order in the society without violating basic human rights. The history of modern day Sindh Police can be traced from The British Rule.

Local Police Verification form AJK

The British merchants formed the East India Company in 1600 and established factories in Surat, Calicut and Masaliputam in Bengal during the Mughal Empire era. Sir Charles Napier was highly inspired by the Irish Constabulary model, which according to him was the best-suited policing model for a colonial state like India.

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